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vpsGOD happy to offer VPS on USA, France and Netherlands. Choose and grow your business with us
Request us for free trail on hosting/RDP/seedbox before you buy on any location

Site wide offer 

$1 off : 1USD

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3rd Aug 2019
DOne : Website maintenance- from 16-18 June


we doing site wide upgrade on modules on website. if you find any issue accessing let us know via email [email protected] or [email protected]

Their will be no downtime or client affected 


16th Jun 2019
Server : 37.48.85 will be taken down as leaseweb scrapping old servers

As leaseweb is taking all our old hardware back we will be taking down the servers and alternate server will be provided


27th Apr 2018
Solved : ovz 7, 11 - IP issue

We have contacted the upstream provider and waiting for reply

1st Oct 2017
Solved : NL RDP 37.48.85.x

Datacenter has blocked the IP due to DDoS
We working to get a migration soon

After few hours down we are up

16th May 2017
Solved : LA7 -ovz node issue

We have struck with a DISK failure on Soft RAID

Now the RAID sync was running on which distrub most of the operation run in slow rate. We expect it takes some time to come normal.

If anyone need alternate VPS. Shoot a ticket we will offer it with credit


23rd Mar 2017
Ip Change :Hard Disk RAID issue : Seedbox - FR

We working with DC for replacing HDD and recover data

We have assigned alternate IP

http://62.210.207.x:81/rutorrent/  - check your service tab

1st Sept 2016
Eid 2016 - weeked - Response of ticket will be held tillcoming monday

Eid 2016 - weeked - Response of ticket will be held tillcoming monday

6th Jul 2016
Solved : 162.213.21x.x - 3 server Down

Event hit on 8.30AM GMT +5.30
Looks like packet loss

Waiting reply from Datacenter about the incident. Hope it was a network issue

9.55AM - 2 servers were Up
Seems like some power issue. Server were rebooted

Till 1 down node la7

All 3 nodes onlie and verified all VPS up and running

20th Jun 2016