Apr 16th April 16-20 : Technical Response will be low

We dont have technical staff for wholde days on April 16-20

Mar 20th RDP : Leaseweb *.*.*.177

User will be shifed to another node on or before April -10

Feb 23rd Solved :Packet loss - Germany Shared hosting

We have been targeted by a distributed DoS which making our node unstable. Their will be up and down on network ..workin on fix Threshold Packets 150.000 packets/s Sum 49.058.000 packets/300s (163.526 packets/s), 49.058 flows/300s (163 flows/s), 1,828 GByte/300s (49 MBit/s) External, 4.000 packets/300s (13 packets/s), 4 ... Read More »

Feb 10th Solved : Webmoney Payment : issue

We have trouble on webmoney due to a claim Untill further notice we dont opt webmoney payment Open a ticket for another payment mode help

Open a ticketto get the webmoney info
We now accept it

Jan 26th Solved : Lenoir node : KVm3

DC have some issue over power and seems like all our node were rebooted

In final KVM3 was not yet up in that location

DC delaying over IPMI/KVM over IP access  and getting some worried answer from support

Server was up and disk resync is going on (A disk in RAID died)
Their wil be high wa in mid time

All fixed after 36 hours

Dec 9th Regarding the Downtime which occcured -Lenoir

We had a network outage on lenoir DC
Which was unexpected which taken few servers in down for hours.

We had rebooted few servers without knowing its a network issue. Sorry floks

NOw all servers online. For any query you can direct us

Dec 3rd Solved :KVM VPS - IP delegation issue

All KVM order will be delayed due to issue in IP configuration

Nov 22nd Fixed : NL server : RDP issue 18*.*.252.202, 95.*.*.226:7075

Solved : Most users was moved to new serverWe have facing some wired issue on server18*.*.252.202 - Disk Format Finished- DISK WAS NOT REPLACED- As we have delay in getting new disk from DCAll user have admin access for installing your software nowDisk has few bad sector HD Tune Pro: MB2000EAZNL Health ID Current Worst ThresholdData Status (01) ... Read More »

Oct 5th OCt-5 : outage today in DC

Affected Nodes

KVM1,2,6,14,15 -Lenoir

Total downtime
Slot 1: Morning
Down : 38min
Down : 8 min

Down : 9 min

Reason : DC had a problem on network connection

We have put to to avoid ticket/email regarding this downtime

Aug 27th Solved : 95.x.x.x:7075 - Down for a Reinstall of OS

We have taken down the system for a reinstall of OS.
Expected to be down for 2-3 hours


OS Reinstalled and all fixed

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