Feb 20th Solved : Facing issue on server

Sep 1st Ip Change :Hard Disk RAID issue : Seedbox - FR

We working with DC for replacing HDD and recover data

We have assigned alternate IP

http://62.210.207.x:81/rutorrent/  - check your service tab

Jul 6th Eid 2016 - weeked - Response of ticket will be held tillcoming monday

Eid 2016 - weeked - Response of ticket will be held tillcoming monday

Jun 20th Solved : 162.213.21x.x - 3 server Down

Event hit on 8.30AM GMT +5.30
Looks like packet loss

Waiting reply from Datacenter about the incident. Hope it was a network issue

9.55AM - 2 servers were Up
Seems like some power issue. Server were rebooted

Till 1 down node la7

All 3 nodes onlie and verified all VPS up and running

May 9th 185.63.xxxx.84- RDP server down

We in contact with DC to follow and fix it as soon as possible

waiting for IPMI access from DC

May 2nd 90% completed :IP migration was scheduled

As per our commitment. we have changed LA nodes
Please check the new IP's in vpsgod clientarea

Apr 16th April 16-20 : Technical Response will be low

We dont have technical staff for wholde days on April 16-20

Mar 20th RDP : Leaseweb *.*.*.177

User will be shifed to another node on or before April -10

Feb 23rd Solved :Packet loss - Germany Shared hosting

We have been targeted by a distributed DoS which making our node unstable. Their will be up and down on network ..workin on fix Threshold Packets 150.000 packets/s Sum 49.058.000 packets/300s (163.526 packets/s), 49.058 flows/300s (163 flows/s), 1,828 GByte/300s (49 MBit/s) External, 4.000 packets/300s (13 packets/s), 4 ... Read More »

Feb 10th Solved : Webmoney Payment : issue

We have trouble on webmoney due to a claim Untill further notice we dont opt webmoney payment Open a ticket for another payment mode help

Open a ticketto get the webmoney info
We now accept it

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